About Twin Flame Designs Pin Database

The Twin Flame Designs Pin Database is a collabortative effort to document all the pins created by Twin Flame Designs. This information comes with no guarantees, but we always try our best to be accurate. We are not affiliated with the artist, and this is a completely non-commercial project.

All data collection and maintenance is handled by Hunter B.

The website framework was created by Eric S. and Tim S. (flockers.net, metalones.com)

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About MetalOnes:

MetalOnes strives to provide free pin database setup and hosting for all. Although we are a non-commercial project, there are costs associalted with this. If you like what we're doing and would like to help us out, please consider a small donation via the button below. Once we exceed the cost of operations, excess funds will be donated to charity (Current charity is Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.)